Hey everyone, Patch 1 for Gray Zone Warfare is now live, addressing over 200 issues players have reported. We're already hard at work on future patches, so stay tuned.

Patch 1 Vis

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Public Test. We appreciate your feedback and support, which are invaluable in helping us improve the game. Your input directly influences future updates and enhancements.



[FIXED] An issue where vegetation sometimes didn't react appropriately to shooting

[FIXED] An issue where the main menu song would keep playing after joining a server

[FIXED] An issue where the character could get stuck in a crouch in 3PV

[FIXED] An issue where the character could get stuck in a levitating pose in 3PV

[FIXED] An issue where the Add Member button was active even if the squad was full

[FIXED] An issue where the squad member status wasn't displayed properly

[FIXED] An issue where squad invitation pop-up didn't appear after adding a friend

[FIXED] An issue where the squad invitation notification was not displayed under specific circumstances

[FIXED] An issue where squad chat was present after leaving the squad

[FIXED] An issue where sounds near open doors did not play properly

[FIXED] An issue where some vegetation wouldn't make any rustle sounds when players walked through it

[FIXED] An issue where private chat was present after blocking a friend

[FIXED] An issue where players were unable to perform any action after vaulting

[FIXED] An issue where players were unable to open the loot menu when looting AI

[FIXED] An issue where players were able to throw a grenade through a wall under specific circumstances

[FIXED] An issue where players could get stuck on the first loading screen with a network error

[FIXED] An issue where canceling provision/medical animation may render the player unable to do any actions

[FIXED] An issue where the pilot wouldn't warn players before flying off

[FIXED] An issue where only 1 item appeared in vendor stock

[FIXED] An issue where getting killed by a landing helicopter could lead to a friendly fire report

[FIXED] An issue where friends had incorrect offline status in some situations

[FIXED] An issue where fallen stairs had improper collisions

[FIXED] An issue where empty magazines would refill after connecting to a server

[FIXED] An issue where dead bodies would sometimes sink below ground

[FIXED] An issue where clicking outside of the confirmation prompt closed the prompt completely

[FIXED] An issue where the blood effect after hitting an enemy was not always present

[FIXED] An issue where AIs could not shoot players when they got too close.

[FIXED] An issue where AI in Sawmill were spawned without ammo

[FIXED] An issue where AI could spawn partially below the ground

[FIXED] An issue where AI could disappear near bushes or water in towns

[FIXED] An issue where a variant of the Type 51 pistol was set up incorrectly, resulting in missed shots

[FIXED] An issue where a dead AI would stand up and stay in an A-pose

[FIXED] An issue that blocked the progression of quests Art of Deception and It's in the water

[FIXED] Broken landscape near Foxtrot 2 LZ

[FIXED] Several spots where players could get stuck

[FIXED] The reticle on Viper RD red dot sight

[FIXED] Various client crashes


[CHANGED] Reduced hitches when flying the helicopter

[CHANGED] Players can now re-bind voice chat activation, map, health panel, inventory, tasks to a different key

[CHANGED] Increased the time between character wipes to 1 week (up from 1 hour)

[CHANGED] Improved Shotgun Slug damage

[CHANGED] Improved prone movement on sloped or uneven surfaces

[CHANGED] Added a reminder to claim DLC rewards from the messenger

[CHANGED] Added safeguards to prevent exploiting of grenades to kill players and AI in FOB

[CHANGED] Improved quest item spawn locations for the quest The More the Merrier

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What's Next?

While our first major update, featuring the Day/Night cycle and more, is coming later this year, we are committed to releasing additional patches to continually enhance optimization and stability. Our focus is on reducing rubber banding and ensuring stable performance across all regions. Patch 2 is just around the corner. Stay tuned, and thank you for playing Gray Zone Warfare! Thanks for being with us.

Every Move Matters,

- MADFINGER Games Team