Hello Everyone, Get ready to dive into the intense open-world of Gray Zone Warfare's game editions, meticulously crafted to align with the discerning needs of modern private military contractors (PMCs). Each edition offers a carefully curated selection of equipment, lockers, lockboxes, and provisions designed to optimize operational effectiveness in dynamic environments. These editions offer a way to support the development of Gray Zone Warfare in exchange for interesting in-game rewards.

PvE & PvEvP Servers Included In Every Edition

In every edition, we've got you covered whether you prefer Player vs. Environment (PvE) or Player vs. Everything (PvEvP). Both options will be available at the start of Early Access.

Editions Upgradability

Editions are designed to be upgradable, allowing users to seamlessly transition to a higher tier by charging only the difference.

Which Edition Suits You?

GZW Game Editions

Standard Edition ($34.99 / 34.99€)

GZW Standard Edition

Begin your journey and gear up for action with bonus equipment, a basic locker, and a lockbox.


Tactical Edition ($57.99 / 57.99€)

GZW Tactical Edition

Take your strategy to the next level with additional tactical equipment and increased locker size.

Gear Up:

Elite Edition ($79.99 / 79.99€)

GZW Elite Edition

Elevate your gameplay with additional elite equipment, even more locker space, and an expanded lockbox.

Gear Up:

Supporter Edition ($99.99 / 99.99€)

GZW Supporter Edition

Help the development of Gray Zone Warfare and enhance your experience with exclusive extras, like unique cosmetic apparel, a special designation, additional equipment, and the largest locker & lockbox.

Gear Up:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gear up and conquer Lamang Island like never before. Choose your edition. Every Move Matters, MADFINGER Games Team