Step into a world inspired by the real-life beauty of Laos in Southeast Asia, this perilous realm offers endless exploration and mysteries to uncover. Lamang was meticulously crafted from thousands of detailed photos, capturing its varied terrain and structures. Immerse yourself in lush tropical jungles, countryside villages, and cultural richness. Learn more about its history and how it is brought to life by Skalla, a cutting-edge technology incorporating authentic natural behaviors derived from true-to-life data.


Each area boasts a distinct tone and atmosphere. The stunning landscapes offer more than just scenic views; they serve as diverse tactical arenas. Utilize buildings for cover and concealment, strategically position yourself behind roadblocks, vehicles, and crates, and leverage natural foliage such as trees, bushes, and plants to remain unseen.

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The geographically triangular layout ensures strategic balance among the three PMC factions, each operating from its Forward Operating Base (Base Camp). From there, plan your operations against the local hostile elements and approach all interactions with extreme caution, considering potential threats from rival factions. In tactical warfare, distinguishing friend from foe can be challenging. As you venture beyond your haven, you'll face increasingly formidable enemies and competing PMCs searching for valuable loot. At the heart of it all lies an enigmatic (and currently inaccessible) Ground Zero created by the mysterious Event. Rumors suggest that only the boldest will reach it one day…

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Lamang Island exudes an aura of genuine history and authenticity, enveloping you in its captivating environmental narrative. Every detail, from the intricate natural debris scattered throughout the jungle to the remnants of hasty evacuations and the scars of bandit assaults on dilapidated homes, adds to the island's tale of a tumultuous past. You will learn more about its history and struggle from details scattered throughout the country. Be it a flipped chair, a smashed photo,  or an unmarked grave, you will understand the turmoil plaguing the region even before the Event.

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Embark on a unique journey through your assigned tasks, whether retrieving vital intelligence or valuable items for the betterment of your PMC or your own moral compass - the choice is yours. Each quest item serves a purpose, enriching your experience with valuable insight. Every location you explore unveils a narrative steeped in the aftermath of preceding atrocities, whether it's a shooting range with a disturbing array of targets limited only by the visitors' wealth or the eerie origins of ghostly tales surrounding a nearby fishing village. Finding them might be challenging because intel is scarce and the enemy is paranoid, but if you look closely, you will discover clues that will aid you in achieving your goals.


Dive into the stunning environment of Lamang and soak in the vibrant atmosphere and vivid natural colors of Vang Vieng, our reference location. The dense Southeast Asian jungle setting necessitates immense foliage, a high level of detail, realistic lighting, and extreme distance visibility to truly transport you to this immersive environment. Dynamic lighting breathes life into each area, room, and item, highlighting the lush richness of Southeast Asian scenery.

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Lamang Island is brought to life by Skalla, a cutting-edge technology for crafting detailed worlds and expansive landscapes in a fraction of the time, incorporating authentic natural behaviors derived from true-to-life data. Whether it’s a dense forest, vast rice fields, rugged mountain ranges, or the overall terrain, Skalla populates the lands with unparalleled accuracy, optimizing performance without sacrificing visual quality.

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Every leaf and plant is meticulously simulated based on real-life data, including reference studies of how nature behaves in Laos and surrounding countries, ensuring a dynamic and immersive experience. Whether it's bending trees in response to a passing helicopter or the subtle movements of foliage in the breeze, Lamang pulsates with life, drawing you deeper into its world. As you navigate its treacherous landscapes and unravel its mysteries, the world of Gray Zone Warfare awaits your exploration and conquest.

Thank you for being with us, and we can‘t wait to share further details soon! MADFINGER Games Team.


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