Hello Everyone,

We're thrilled to present you with over 23 minutes of unedited gameplay footage from Gray Zone Warfare. Experience a brief playthrough of the "Rat's Nest" mission from two distinct point-of-views (2 players), immersing yourself in the dynamic strategies and seamless teamwork of a 4-man squad as they tackle the mission with patience and perseverance.

In this mission, operatives are tasked with retrieving crucial intel and reporting back to Handshake, navigating a complex web of challenges. They will need to identify the hideouts and investigate them discreetly. It will be imperative to gather as much information as possible before moving. While their primary objectives are reconnaissance and gathering intelligence, we cannot promise that they will not encounter resistance along the way. This exclusive reveal provides a firsthand look at the intensity, strategy, and coordination required to succeed in the world of Gray Zone Warfare.

Thank you for being with us.

Every Move Matters,