As a former Special Forces operative newly discovering the murky waters of Private Military Contractors, you find yourself a newcomer to an abandoned Lamang Island, tasked with navigating its depths and completing objectives assigned by a cast of shady characters with enigmatic motives. You approach Handshake, a slick and professional head operator that always welcomes you with a task. Here is what he has to say to you...


Handshake: So, here‘s the deal. It looks like some of those rats in town didn‘t get the memo and are still scurrying around and causing trouble. It‘s time to put a stop to their operations. Your mission is to conduct a thorough search of the town and its outskirts and identify the hideouts used by these punks. Keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious signs or markings that might help you uncover them. The main areas of interest are the town‘s northwest and southeast sections.

Once you‘ve identified the hideouts, investigate them discreetly. We want to gather as much information as possible before moving. Don‘t engage in direct confrontations unless absolutely necessary. Don‘t forget, your primary objectives are reconnaissance and gathering intelligence.

How would you approach Handshake‘s assignment?

There is no predetermined path to success. Beware of the ever-changing environmental and PvP variables that could turn it into an intense firefight with a surprise enemy patrol or a suspenseful standoff with rival PMCs. Therefore, remain vigilant and strategically leverage every available advantage that the intricate landscape of Gray Zone Warfare presents.


Focus on your mission: gather intel on the enemy and their base. Your plan needs to adhere to this goal. First and foremost, gear up and choose your weapon of choice wisely. Utilize a granular modification system to fine-tune every detail of your arsenal according to your preferences. Advanced ballistic systems leverage extensive real-world data - every single modification can make a world of difference.

Remember, staying undetected is key. Opt for lightweight gear to move quietly and make a quick exit if needed. In the event of alerting the enemy, be ready to have at least one weapon with a silencer to resolve the unexpected situation.

When strategizing for your mission, it is crucial to decide whether to go as a lone wolf or as part of a four-man fire team. Take into account their individual proficiencies and coordinate roles and equipment based on the strengths of each team member to optimize efficiency and ensure a successful operation.



Be it for a short venture to accomplish a task or a massive undertaking to acquire new gear, approaching a target area is a dangerous game. The diverse array of adversaries, such as criminals, military in the service to the local dictator, and rival PMC operatives, can intervene in your steps.

In your best interest, approach each location cautiously, whether on foot or aboard the Little Bird, transporting you to the selected LZ (which you must discover first to unlock). Choosing the right Landing Zone is a critical part of your planning process, as the Little Bird can be visible from afar; hence, a longer hike might sometimes be the key to a successful mission.

Choosing to explore on foot not only enhances your overall progress, but also uncovers hidden gems in Lamang. You might stumble upon unexplored locations with scarce loot, or discover intriguing side stories — all while staying focused on achieving your main mission.



The ultimate challenge in every operation unfolds when players encounter opposition. Move in carefully and start your surveillance. Track the movements of enemies, note how many come and go, and study patrol routes for any patterns.

Flexibility and preparedness for the unexpected are equally crucial, so be ready for plans to deviate. Adjust swiftly to ensure survival in the face of unforeseen challenges. Keep in mind that not every scenario warrants confrontation, and opting to steer clear of conflict can often lead to more favorable outcomes.

The duration of your mission is solely determined by you. Every moment spent in the hot zone heightens the risk of your demise and the potential loss of your hard-earned progress. Yet, it also increases the odds of hitting the jackpot to complete your task. Always remember - every move matters!


Once you‘ve gathered enough intel and secured your loot, it‘s time to slip back to base with your findings. Keep your eyes peeled for any movement or sound until the last possible moment in a hot zone. Call in the Little Bird for extraction, approach the available LZ location in time, get to the chopper, and reach your base camp.

It‘s time to celebrate the fruits of your completed task and claim the well-deserved reward! Deposit the valuable haul you collected into your secure stash, restock efficiently, and gear up for newly unlocked challenges.

Every successful mission increases your odds of surviving your next venture, but it‘s crucial to understand that other PMCs on the island may share similar objectives. You can collaborate, ignore, or things might take an unexpected turn. The dynamic paradise of Lamang Island is always alive!


In pursuit of authenticity, we‘ve sought the expertise of Ondřej Spisar, a.k.a. Spicy, an ex-Czech special operations forces veteran serving as our consultant and animation reference actor. With 19 years of invaluable experience and specialized training, Spicy brings a unique perspective to our commitment to maximum realism. We asked him how he would leverage his expertise to ensure success in the face of the recon mission ‘RAT‘S NEST.‘ Watch the interview to gain a professional perspective on Gray Zone Warfare!

Thank you for being with us, and we can‘t wait to share further details soon!

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